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archivo digital
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  • download de musica

    Formato: WAV (formato de audio de calidad broadcast de CD).

  • (live) music series

    Film streaming and audio download

    The “play loud! (live) music series” is based on three precepts: Alan Lomax‘s work as an archivist and chronicler, John Peel‘s BBC radio sessions, and the work of Direct Cinema pioneers, such as the Maysles Brothers, Leacock, Wildenhahn and Pennebaker. Filming live shows means not doing things TV-style, but in a very personal, intuitive and adventurous manner – nothing is staged for the shoot. You go along with things as they happen. Some of the live performances are filmed with only one camera in one continuous shot and without any edits. Some critics have dubbed it “filmed painting/painted film”.

    play loud!’s music films have been called: “raw”, “rough”, “canny”, “straightforward”, “adventurous”, “witty”, “insightful”, “direct”, “non-tricksy”, “economic”, “minimal”, “unpretentious handheld camera work”, "artful film paintings" …

    play loud!’s intention is it to create an extensive archive of interesting popular music and culture that includes both, the huge quantity of unreleased filmed material by the filmmakers and also material that comes from other sources. The possibility of streaming films offers the opportunity that fans, investigators, scientists, researchers, journalists and other people interested, have access to the archive and to support the possible use of the material for others. To cover the immense costs of such a private archive, the archived material can be previewed by paying a small fee.

    Some of the recordings - if popular demand is strong - will be offered as limited vinyl LPs.

    "Shooting live music is the most purely cinematic thing you can do." (Jonathan Demme)

  • (live) word series

    Film streaming (HD, 16:9) y download de audio (WAV)

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