This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Title: Said My Say
Band: Floating di Morel
Year of release: 2009
Format: mp3 and vinyl




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The few critics that ever came to listen to one of the rare live performances by Floating di Morel were all flabbergasted.
As usual everybody is looking for analogies. Here a few: Suicide, Free Jazz, Throbbing Gristle, Jesus & Mary Chain, Big Star, White-Light-Hysteria… all bands Floating di Morel might like but certainly do not copy in any manner. Please be ready for one of the strangest and most exciting acts from Berlin.
Filmmakers Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios shot a 32 minute documentary at Floating di Morel's home studio. Also, play loud! will release for the first time ever the band's entire back catalogue.

Floating di Morel releases:
said my say (pl-06)
more memory than now (pl-09)
real people psych, (pl-11)
takna, pakna, g(k)ram... (pl-10)
A Summer Evening with Floating di Morel a film by Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios (pl-12)


“Is it rock ‘n’ roll? Is it noise? Or is it art?”
Jens Willemer in Hayfever about two of the band’s rare live shows

“The Floatings got that floating sound like Sky Saxon and the Seeds did float, effortless. (…) while all the worst things in the world are from the scheming, pragmatic mind - cynical, analytical – the best is from the intuitive heart, free-associating, forming, and floating. channeling. Everyone in the diMorel is most committed to the sound and song idea/aesthetix. to be true to the idea, the words have to be foreign, most foreign, like the instruments here, de/formed and stretched out. free craziness”.
Jürgen Gleue, ex 39 Clocks about “said my say”

"The dark side of psychedelic has not lost any of its allure on people with attitude and lofi-equipment in the years since Velvet Underground or the third Big-Star-Album. The Berlin trio Floating Di Morel has freed this type of 60’s coolness, that which is attached to flared jeans, in their album without much fuss from the retro graveyard. In the 80s there was a retro-psychedelic movement which was bypassed by New-Wave-Cool – jagged electronics without emotionality and with the 60’s-Noir-Cool – grinding guitar without emotionality – with their flea market casio fenders. Floating Di Morel goes further, eliminating the guitar and sounding, with this small quirk, so refreshed, that during the interlude, one could imagine oneself being in Martinique. It is not for nothing that on the cover, next to 60s underground heroes Skip Spence and Moondog, Green Velvet are portrayed."
DE:bug about “real psych people”

"Shut Up" tapped out by the tremulously tight toot-toot-tootsies of Floating Di Morel.
Village Voice’s Don Allred about “Shut Up” on “silver monk time”


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