This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Book + 2 DVDs
Release date: September 2018
Book with texts by: Patricia Campelo, Carlos Castresana, Cristóbal Gómez Benito, Christoph Haas, Christoph Hübner, Paco Nadal, Rafael Poch-de-Feliu, Johanna Pumb, Georg Seeßlen, Kerstin Stutterheim and Juan Zapater
DVD 1: Franco´s Settlers ( dvd / no regions / dvd-pack with 16-page booklet)
DVD 2: Franco on Trial ( dvd / no regions / dvd-pack with 16-page booklet)

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Franco´s Settlers (Book)
Franco´s Settlers (DVD)
Franco on Trial (DVD)

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    BOOK Franco´s Settlers + DVD Franco´s Settlers + DVD Franco on Trial

    The film Franco´s Settlers was completed in 2013. Now, 5 years later, the DVD will be accompanied by a book titled "Franco´s Settlers: An example of the suppression of the 'searching' documentary film".
    With this book we hope to open up a discussion about two subjects: the function and significance of documentaries in democratic societies and the question how neoliberalism has influenced form and content of documentary films.
    The book will be in English, German and Spanish.
    Simultaneously we will publish the DVD to our new film "Franco on Trial".

    We also would like to organize an ambulant cinema with "Franco on Trial" and make sure that the film really reaches the people.
    As we already did with our previous film "Franco´s Settlers" we are again offering the excellent silk-screen prints created by German painter Daniel Richter. Many museums, collectors and supporters purchased the large black and white prints. They are very few complete series left.

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