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German Pop Conditions

November 4th, 2015: TV premiere on 3sat

Stream soon available at play loud´s online store

A documentary about the interplay between pop culture and extreme right ideology, which reflects the development of nationalist music since the late 1970s in Germany.

Click here to listen to a radio interview with co-director Dietmar Post (in German)



Monte Alto - reissue of one of the best Anima albums

Already available at play loud´s online store

First reissue of Monte Alto, presented in an elaborate silkscreen print, hand-numbered, and limited to 500 copies, co-released by Play Loud! Productions and Youdonthavetocallitmusic.
The album Monte Alto was released in 1977 on the band-owned label Alter Pfarrhof. It may be the best Anima album ever, if for no other reason than the wonderful freely improvised piano piece on the B-side.
This reissue appears in advance of Limpe Fuchs and Play Loud! Productions' release of Limpe Fuchs's archival back catalog, along with some previously unreleased recordings and films.

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Die Regierung - Double Album
Supermüll 1984 + Tribute

Already available at play loud´s online store

play loud! is releasing as a 500 copy limited edition a double LP with the original album "Die Regierung - Supermüll 1984" plus the "Tribute Album Supermüll 2015". Music critic Michael Ruff called the record "the best German record of the 80s".

You can pre-order this album here or click here for more info



Die Regierung Live 1994 - Double Album

Already available at play loud´s online store

play loud! is also releasing a double live album that was recorded during the heyday of Die Regierung in 1994. The album will contain interviews with the former members and unseen band photographs.
Limited to 500 copies.

You can order this album here



Franco´s Settlers

Award-winning documentary film about a small Spanish village that keeps paying tribute to its creator Francisco Franco, one of the cruelest dictators of the 20th century.
Franco's Settlers makes an entire country look at itself in the mirror.

Theatrical run in Nürnberg
Wednesday, 22.7., 11PM - Press preview
From July 23rd - August 7th

Cinespaña - Festival du Film Espagnol de Toulouse
Franco´s Settlers selected by the Cinespaña Film Festival to be part of the section "Mémoire et Politique"

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