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Die Regierung - Double Album
Supermüll 1984 + Tribute

play loud! will release as a 500 copy limited edition a double LP with the original album "Die Regierung - Supermüll 1984" plus the "Tribute Album Supermüll 2015". Music critic Michael Ruff called the record "the best German record of the 80s".

Unfortunately vinyl productions are not really cheap these days and therefore we initiated a campaign, which will enable you to hold this wonderful double LP soon in your hands:

To be able to press the record we will need 100 pre-orders before May 1st, 2015. As an incentive all people who pre-order will receive a download version of both records plus three additional demo songs from 1982, which are only available within the package.

In case we are not able to reach 100 pre-orders, all customers will be reimbursed. play loud! will only retain 5 Euros for the digital downloads. So this is absolutely without any risk for you.

Please help to make this production happen!







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