This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Title: Schlecht dran, gut drauf
Band: Doc Schoko
Year of release: 2009
Format: mp3 and vinyl


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    Doc Schoko: vocals, guitar, clarina, synth, piano
    Kurt Kreikenbom: drums
    JoJo Wolter (S.Y.P.H.): bass
    Uwe Jahnke (Fehlfarben): guitar
    Jochen Irmler (Faust): mastering

    Last album by Doc Schoko released in 2009 by play loud! in conjunction with the film "Doc Schoko: Oktopus im Pentagram" (play loud! (live) music series).
    On this new record some of his heroes shine through but never dominate what is too much Doc Schoko himself. Mark E. Smith (The Fall) invited Doc Schoko to be his supporting act or as we say in German to be his VORGRUPPE.
    Both, Smith and Doc Schoko appeared on play loud!’s “silver monk time – a tribute to the monks” (pl-02). Village Voice’s Don Allred wrote: Doc Schoko's doom-swallowing "Sei Still" smirks at its English-speaking doppelgänger, "Shut Up." “schlecht dran / gut drauf” has been mastered by founding Faust member Hans-Joachim Irmler.

    play loud! also presents the following Doc Schoko releases:
    (pl-07) schlecht dran / gut drauf (2009)
    (pl-13) einen gegen (2001/2009
    (pl-14) tränen + wölkchen ep (2004/2009).
    More digital releases from the large back catalogue will soon follow, among others, a “Best of compilation curated by famous mastermind of SYPH, Harry Rag.

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Fans can ask play loud! for new vinyl releases from the back catalogue. If there are more than 50 pre-orders play loud! will start manufacturing … So please help us release old fashioned vinyl editions and make sure that the music you love is preserved on one of the most reliable formats to do so: ARCHIVE YOUR MUSIC ON VINYL!

    “Doc Schoko sings for all the underdogs and jobless who have to suffer the every day life injustices. His laconic coolness works like a pain killer.” SPEX MUSIC MAGAZINE
    “Doc Schoko is undeviatingly tenacious, his lyrics poetic and without any kind of navel-gazing." TAZ
    "Doc Schoko demonstrates that Rock’n’Roll is not an empty fashion statement but an expression of freedom. Anger, no compromising, no hooey but real slogans to refelct on and to dance to”. UNCLE SALLYS
    "Doc Schoko's doom-swallowing "Sei Still" smirks at its English-speaking doppelgänger, "Shut Up." VILLAGE VOICE’s Don Allred about “Shut Up” on silver monk time


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