This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Title: Franco´s Settlers (Los Colonos del Caudillo)
Director: Lucía Palacios & Dietmar Post
Duration (film): 113 min
Year: 2013
Language: Spanish w/ German subtitles
Format: Film streaming
Resolution: 1280x720
Genre: Documentary
Nationality: Germany, Spain
Featuring: José Utrera Molina, Felipe González and many others
Narrated by: Juan Diego Botto
Rating: All ages
Recommended bandwidth: 1.5 Mbps

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The first public screenings of Franco's Settlers showed that the film can help to create a debate about the recent Spanish history. A good example was the discussion that took place at Babylon Cinema in October of 2012 with the participation of Emilio Silva, Felipe González and Carlos Castresana. The representative of the conservative People's Party, Fernando Suarez, rejected the invitation.

Therefore the filmmakers have decided to organize in conjunction with each screening a round table discussion with historians, politicians, journalists, and first and foremost with regular people. We can not allow that political and/or economic censorship stop what critics and audience alike have been reclaiming.


After many difficulties, a serious attempt of censorship at the second largest Spanish International Film Festival in Valladolid (SEMINCI) and an almost total rejection by the official Spanish movie industry we are very happy to announce the kick-off of "ambulant cinemas", which will start at the place where most of the movie was filmed, in Llanos del Caudillo (Highplains of the Fuehrer). The filmmakers will be present at all screenings. Here are the first dates in April of 2014:

Llanos del Caudillo, Saturday 12, at 20 hours, with the invited protagonists. There will be a press conference, a debate and a Q&A. One of the special guests will be Raúl Herrero Solano, victim of torture in the prisons of the Spanish Security Police (Dirección General de Seguridad, DGS).

Avillés, Sunday 13 - Centro Niemeyer (time and guests TBA)
San Sebastián, Monday 14, at 19:30 hours - Sala Arrasate de Kutxabank (guests TBA)
Bilbao, Tuesday 15, at 19:30 hours - Paraninfo-Bizkaia Aretoa - Guest: Professor Josu Chueca
Madrid, Wednesday 16, at 20:30 hours - Cineteca Matadero (guests TBA)
Madrid, Thursday 17 - Club de Amigos de la UNESCO (guests TBA)
Albacete, Martes 22 - Cine Capitol (guests TBA)

FRANCO’S SETTLERS ON TOUR IN ARGENTINA (Dietmar Post attending all shows)

Franco’s Settlers ends with a statement about the possible prosecution against the Franco regime that will take place in Argentina. Some people in the film are on the warrant list of Argentinean judge María Servini. Now the renowned documentary film festival BAFICI in Buenos Aires has invited the film as part the human rights section. There will be 3 screenings. The first two will be presented by co director Dietmar Post and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1980 for his courageous nonviolent struggle during the Argentinean dictatorship. There will be more screenings in Argentina, organized by Fernando Rovetta who teaches public law and law science at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Co director Dietmar Post will be introducing the first two screenings.

Buenos Aires, Latin American premiere at the film festival BAFICI:
Friday 4, at 16:50 hours - Cinema Village Recoleta 2 - Q&A with Dietmar Post & Pérez Esquivel
Sunday 6, at 15:30 hours - Centro Cultural San Martín - Q&A with Dietmar Post & Pérez Esquivel
Saturday 12, at 20:05 hours - Cinema Village Recoleta
Tucumán, Tuesday 8, at 19:30 hours, with the public advocate Hugo Cabral, Laura Figueroa, Indiana Garzón, and the federal prosecutor Sergio Estero
Córdoba, Wednesday 9, at 19:30 hours, with Carlos Lascano, former state minister of justice of Cordoba


The filmworkers would like to take advantage of such good news and expand "ambulant cinemas" and keep presenting the film this coming summer in Spain, later also in other countries. Therefore we are searching for cultural centers, movie theatres, schools, universities, neighborhood associations, bars, clubs, living rooms, private mansions (not those of dictators) to organize screenings and round tables with local people.

How does "ambulant cinemas" work?
It is essential to get "ambulant cinemas" financed. In many cases the places interested in screenings do not have enough money to cover the costs for travelling (gas, food & lodging) and for only a small screening fee.

How can it be financed?
In 2012 we successfully organized a crowd-funding campaign to cover the costs for completing the film. Now we would like to continue the campaign by offering the excellent silk screen prints created by German painter Daniel Richter. Many museums, collectors and supporters purchased the large black and white prints. They are limited to 50. For people with less financial possibilities we also would like to make available an online version of the film for a limited time period.

Filmmakers assisting the screenings
Our intention is to personally introduce the film.
These are the available dates in 2014:
1) Between July 10 and August 20, 2014.
2) Between October 20 and 30, 2014.
3) During the entire year on weekends and holidays or other special occasions.

The best way of transportation for the long tour in summer of 2014 would be a sleeper van. Who could help and provide and/or find a sleeper van for two adults and three children? Remeber that during the 2nd republic the "pedagogic missions" used ambulant vans.

DCP, ProRes, Blu-ray, VOD from our online server or computer or DVD.
We do have three versions of the film. The original Spanish one, an English and a German version. The last two versions are subtitled.
What do we need to project the film? Basically only a space (inside or outside), a monitor or screen. a video projector, a laptop (which we can provide), some speakers. We are flexible and ambulant. Dietmar is old enough to remember rock 'n' roll shows in living rooms, poor art galleries, coffee shops, tea palaces and public toilets. We screen wherever people invite us to.


In September 2014 we would like to organize shows in germany and other countries.


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