This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Title: Stuermischer Himmel
Band: Anima Sound
Date of release on play loud: March 2015
Originally released on Ohr in1970
Format: aiff
Band members: Limpe und Paul Fuchs
All songs written by Limpe und Paul Fuchs
With special bonus track: Live at Ossiach '71

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"Often described as one of the oddities in the Ohr catalogue, Stürmischer Himmel supposed the vinyl debut of Anima Sound, the radical free-music duo of sculptor Paul Fuchs and his wife Limpe Fuchs. Recorded at a 'thousand year cottage on a windy hill' and opening with ambience recording of wind and sheeps, the album is an organic collection of improvised atonal pieces ranging from the atmospheric to the wild with much use of screaming, horns, percussions, ambience recordings, wordless vocals and all kinds of home-made sound devices (Fuchshorn, Fuchszither, Fuchsbass... ). Pure German counter-culture sounds from the early 70s."


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