This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Grimme Award 2008
Director: Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios
Duration: 100 min
Year: 2008
Awards: Grimme-Award 2008
Format: Film stream (4:3) & dvd
Resolution: 674x540
Language: English & German
Subtitles: English & German, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish (click cc once the film opens in the browser)
Genre: Documentary
Topic: Music / History
Reference: Monks
Nationality: Germany, Spain, US
Starring: The five original monks
Rating: All ages
Recommended minimum bandwidth: 1.5 Mbps
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      The monks were 5 American GI’s in cold war Germany who billed themselves as the anti-Beatles; they were heavy on feedback, nihilism and electrical banjo. They had strange haircuts, dressed in black, mocked the military and rocked harder than any of their mid-sixties counterparts while managing to basically invent industrial, punk and techno music. The genre-overlapping documentary film not only illustrates the pop music phenomenon in its political, social and cultural historic contexts, but also reveals the monks project as the first marriage between art and popular music and this months before Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground.
      The five protagonists of the film came to cold war Germany in 1961 as soldiers and left the country in 1967 as avant-garde monks. For more than thirty years they were not able to talk about their strange experience. In the film they recount for the first time their adventure.


      Produced and directed by Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios
      Edited by Dieter Jaufmann
      Additional editing Karl-W. Huelsenbeck
      Camera & sound by Dietmar Post & Lucía Palacios
      Script Dietmar Post
      Music by the monks
      Drawing movie poster by Daniel Richter

      In collaboration with:
      ZDF/3sat (German Public TV)
      Hessischer Rundfunk (German Public TV)
      Filmförderung Hessen hr (German Film Board)
      Filmbüro NW (German Film Board)
      Cine Impuls (Berlin)
      Chicago Underground Film Fund
      Other Music (New York)
      Reel Life (New York)
      Anthology Film Archives (New York)


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