This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

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Título: Con sus pies en la tierra
Director: Ede Müller
Protagonizada por: El activista colombiano León Octavio
Productora: Zabrisky Film
Música: Campo y Sabor / León Octavio
Duración: 82 min
Año: 2017
Formato: dvd / no región / dvd-pack con libreto de 8 páginas
También disponible como streaming
Idioma original: Español
Subtítulos: Alemán, inglés y francés
Genre: Documental
Topic: Retrato / política / medio ambiente / música
Nacionalidad: Colombia / Alemania



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- Music video La vaca flaca (The skinny cow), a dialogue between the skinny cow and the fat cow: where does the food come from in dry summer?
- Music video Yo no me voy (I will not leave): This song won several prizes and became a kind of hymn of the region as José Edier Solís wrote it throughout the occupation by armed groups.
- Music video El agua es de todos (The water is for everybody): A song written for the "Referendum for water", a national initiative against the privatisation of public water plants.
- Music video Arracacha: A song dedicated to this traditional plant.
- Short documentary San José de Apartadó: A film about the first peace community in Colombia which won the Aachen Peace Prize and was nominated to the Nobel Peace Price for its peaceful resistance.
- Trailer Balita: This animation film is a pilot; the first episode of "Balita, the lost bullet", the famous comic figure created by León Octavio.
- Deleted scenes: A group of musicians including León Octavio realized a project in the north of the Cauca region. With 28 communities they recorded a CD to recuperate the regional musical traditions.


The film is a portrait of the Colombian musician and artist León Octavio Osorno who demonstrates that resistance can be a matter of humor and joy.
With his band Campo y Sabor (Country and Flavor) he focuses on the safety of food and deals with subjects like the fair trade agreement TLC and the privatization of public water plants.
His natural reserve Villamaga is „a breath of hope and an act of resistance to the neoliberal system.“

The film follows León Octavio throughout various projects, shows his inspiring spirit and touches on issues that affect not only Colombia but our entire globalized world.


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