This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Band: Floating di Morel (Sabine Blödorn, Kai Drewitz, Thorsten Neu), Ulf (Ulf Goretzki)
Release date: April 2017
Recorded by: Floating di Morel / ULF
Mastering by: Jan Wagner
Format: vinyl 12" (inlay with complete list of all band projects featuring Sabine Blödorn and Kai Drewitz) and download

Upon request those who buy this vinyl record at our archive&store will receive the record as mp3 files once they have completed their purchase.

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    • 1 Dragil


    • 2 Pantomine dog


    • 3 White nights on the moon


    • 4 Instability


    • 5 Lost


    • 6 Frost


The band members in their own words:
“The new (5th) Floatin´ LP is divided in two parts. On one side you hear the last works together with Thorsten Neu, which you know from the records “said my said” and “goal less play”. The other side is a new more electronic experience with ULF.”

Jay Cruikshank from The Rangoons about Floating di Morel/ULF:
"On one side a gravity free display by Floating di Morel, by moonlight, shifting sound and image fluttering like moths, on the reverse ULF creates a synthetic forest, which forms a maze for disembodied voices to wander, floating above a mysterious void, the sound of an eclipse, a dance seen in negative light, the traces of Donna Winter."

German critic Robert Miessner (taz, junge welt) states:
“If Velvet Underground had not disintegrated in 1973 and instead had met with Neu! or Mute's Daniel Miller, they would have sounded like Floating di Morel.”

Here you can see one of their ultra rare home live recordings: html


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