This section contains scenes of violence and other explicit material.

Title: Unten + So drauf
Band: Die Regierung
Format: 2 x vinyl 12" (no MP3s available)
Release date: October 20th, 2017
LP 1 Unten
LP 2 So drauf
Include lyric sheets

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30.00 €

play loud! would like to release a double LP with the original albums "So drauf" and "Unten" (for the first time on vinyl ever) by Die Regierung (limited to 500 copies)
Unfortunately vinyl productions are not cheap these days and therefore we initiated a campaign, which will enable you to hold this wonderful double LP soon in your hands. To be able to press the record we will need 100 pre-orders before June 1st, 2017.
In case we are not able to reach 100 pre-orders, all customers will be reimbursed. So this is absolutely without any risk for you.
Please help to make this production happen!

Record stores ordering more than 10 records will pay 14 Euros + 19% tax + shipping. Please contact us at

Upon request those who buy this record will receive the record as mp3 files once they have completed their purchase. The download version comes with three special bonus tracks ("Müllman (Demo 1982)", "Schule is aus (Demo 1982)" and "Elektrische Welt (Demo 1982)".

Due to long waiting lists at the vinyl pressing plans the record release is planed for Fall 2017


LP 1 - So drauf
A1 Da Draußen
A2 Dieses Zimmer
A3 So Drauf
A4 Lange nicht mehr da
A5 Komm zusammen
A6 Es ist hier
B1 Du hast ne Welt
B2 Sie
B3 Ich Lieb Dich Später
B4 Frau auf´m Flur
B5 Ich erinner mich
B6 Wir kommen
B7 Loswerden

LP 2 - Unten
C1 Das Mädchen das jeder will
C2 Professioneller Fan
C3 Runterbringer
C4 Ein Idiot mehr
C5 Natalie sagt
C6 Charlotte
C7 Corinna
C8 Nicole
D9 Ganz tief unten
D10 Es hat keinen Namen
D11 Seltsam
D12 1975
D13 Zur Erinnerung oder so
D14 Weit offen (Bonus track)


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